Little Foot.

I adopted Little Foot over six years ago, when a roommate moved out and couldn’t take her with him. She was called “Fatty” then–which wasn’t something I could keep calling a cat! But because she can’t meow, whenever she wants my attention, she meerkats by my chair and puts her paws on my knee. (After weeks of telling her to put her little feet down, the name kind of stuck.)

2013-10-28 22.44.55

During a recent wellness exam, my vet discovered tooth resorption on one of Little Foot’s premolars. (This site provides more info on tooth resorption, but what causes tooth resorption in cats is still unknown: Basically, there is a lesion at her gumline, and it’s pretty painful (even though she’s always putting on a straight face for me. I have a feeling she’s been taking it out on Kara.)

The vet provided me an estimate for $565-906 dollars, which includes bloodwork, general anesthesia, x-rays, dental cleaning, and followup medication. This estimate is for one tooth–and I’m crossing my fingers that the x-rays don’t show resorption on other teeth, too! The vet said her teeth look healthy overall–and they’d probably better if she would chew (instead of inhale) her dental treats. :/

I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign ( to help cover the costs of her tooth extraction, since I’m also in the middle of getting married and trying to relocate from Arizona to Canada! And in honor of the campaign, I’ve decided to publish the first little story I ever wrote about my cat, “Little Foot and the Case of the Missing String,” a fictionalized account of her lost, favorite string. As the campaign continues, I’ll be writing new, shorter stories about Little Foot and posting them here.

Thank you for anything you can contribute to her vet bill! We both appreciate it very much.