Little Foot

Check out the little comic about my cat, Little Foot, I’ve just posted here: 22.44.55

I’ve publshed this little story in honor of Little Foot’s GoFundMe campaign ( to help cover the cost of dental work she needs, since I’m currently in the middle of getting married and trying to relocate from Arizona to Canada! And in honor of the campaign, I’ve decided to publish the first little story I ever wrote about my cat, “Little Foot and the Case of the Missing String,” a fictionalized account of her lost, favorite string. As the campaign continues, I’ll be writing new, shorter stories about Little Foot and posting them here.

Thank you for anything you can contribute to her vet bill! We both appreciate it very much.

Annotating the First Page of the First Navajo-English Dictionary

An excerpted version of my essay, “Annotating the First Page of the First Navajo-English Dictionary,” appeared today on The New Yorker’s website.

The essay (in its entirety) will be published in the forthcoming anthology This Is The Place (Seal Press, 2017).

THIS IS THE PLACE is a collection of personal essays written by 30 amazing women from across the country. The book covers a range of topics from solitude, neighbors, tiny homes and multi-generational living to environmental protection, domestic violence, immigration and patriotism. I have an essay in the collection, and I co-wrote the introduction with my co-editor, Kelly McMasters. Together, Kelly and I selected, edited and arranged each essay in the book. The pieces are by turns deep and dark, complex and shining.